Personal Shopper


         Business outing

         What do you need?

         Look in the wardrobe before going shopping is advisable.

You will find garments that you have forgotten about.

Some of them can be rescued and brought up to date; others combined withother garments

You will have more outfits to wear for less money.



Casual clothing, sport for a specificoccasion. Everything has a special formula for purchasing.

With fewer pieces that fit together you can achieve more outfits.

How can you fit 7 outfits in a case and have a different outfit every dayfor seven days.

Only through buying carefully will you have your ideal wardrobe.

When you buy a long dress…think if it’s possible to shorten it. Later you will have a cocktail dress.

To know how to buy in the sales is an art.

And many more secrets. To be well groomedand use a little makeup helps.

Some well chosenaccessories can transform a dress. The correct sizehelps to define your figure. 

Important, thesuitable color.

The type of dress istotally dependent on the situation.

SHALL WE GO? I will accompany and guide you.

One morning can be sufficient……3 hours

One afternoon is also possible…….3hours

I LIVE BETWEEN PALMA de MALLORCA AND MADRID. (but this job can be realizedin any city).



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