Sessions for companies


2hr workshops

Your outward appearance can change the direction of your life. When you have an interview for a job

(or within your own business) ....  the first impression engraved on other people is your appearance.

It is your identity card until verbal communication steps in.

Your outfit must be in accordance with your type of work.

It is proven that visual communication can help to improve verbal communication.

Many other points play an important role, body position, corporal expression, basic protocol etc.

Knowing all these small and big details will offer you security.

These workshops can be for groups or individuals.




If you identify with one or more label in particular, it’s because you feel  their designs suit you……but……

There is more to learn, learn to carry them off splendidly and DISCOVER.

Workshops of 2hr whereby designers can offer their collections to their best clients (group).

Workshops of 2hr for the apprentice salesperson.

There is not a client more grateful than a well attended client. They always return.


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