The image of Baccara and the creation of their wardrobe

was and still is my best “book of learning”.

My first Works:


Look for a suitable outfit for singers who are starting out on their professional career;

An image in accordance with the type of music and their personality.

Photographic session, sleeve cover for disc, first appearance on television.

Their first press conference.

Now I want to reach the society in which we live.

It is a more extensive, exciting and constructive job.

In some cases it’s possible to go deeper, even reach people’s self esteem, allowing them to grow

and believe in themselves more.

Let’s open the doorway to this “magic window”

And allow us to feel closer, you and me.









Your first



The mirror

your best ally

A good appearance

a good appearance

  At all times, look for your best image,

It’s so important, like your best smile,

Conceal your least attractive areas and make the best of yourself.

I help you discover your best.

I make suggestions and you decide.

We can shop together.

And always

  respecting your personality.


                                       THIS IS MY WORK



The art of the detail

The importance


of the accessories

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